Superlearner Provides Literacy and Mathematics Tutoring for Primary and Junior Secondary Students

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The tutoring is provided by a qualified and experienced teacher who has taught in primary and secondary schools.

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Your child will receive the individual attention needed so they can master the skills that are the building blocks for future education and career opportunities.

Even though you are stretched for time in this fast paced world, you do want to do the best you can for your child.

Superlearner Education understands you don’t have the time to search for ideas and resources to contribute towards educating your child.  Join us  now and receive a complementary  series of reading lessons and a book on the English Alphabet System.

We are an online learning resource centre for parents educating children.

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Good Reading Techniques and How to Develop Them in Your Child

A child's literacy development begins at birth.

A child’s literacy development begins at birth.

Your child’s literacy skills start developing from birth.

 Thousands upon thousands of studies on early literacy have been undertaken because literacy is such an important skill for people living in modern society.

Governments know that illiterate people miss out on opportunities and end up costing the state financially. This is why they are extremely interested in measuring the level of literacy within the school population.

It is now evident that early and more targeted investments in the literacy development of young children would be cost effective for governments.

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Why Phonics Systems Work

I enjoy watching European films on a government sponsored television channel here in Australia. Fortunately for me, the other than English programs, all have subtitles so I at least know what is going on. Unfortunately I miss all the nuances and colloquial expressions that express layers of meaning.

3D COVERI have to admit I use English to try and work out the other languages. I believe this is called language transference. I use my knowledge of the structure of my mother tongue to work out how another language works.

This gets me to the point of this article.

Human beings can imitate sounds. Notice how young babies practice and try to reproduce the sounds they hear.

This aural/oral mimicking skill is a vital living skill. The speech of our fellow humans is what we work hard at understanding.

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