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      • Common myths about speech problems in children

        Elise Baker, University of Sydney. Speech problems in early childhood are common. One in four parents of Australian children are concerned about their 4- to 5-year-old child’s speech but two-thirds of these parents don’t act on their concern. Why? What might stop... Continue Reading →

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      • So You Have Decided to Home School Your Child

        Parents in developed countries throughout the world, despite well-developed public and private schools, decide for a number of reasons to home school their child or children. In Australia this is legal with responsibilities and guidelines to adhere to. Home schooling when done... Continue Reading →

    Resource Centre

    We are an online learning resource centre for parents educating children.

    We can provide you with:

    • Information regarding the trends in primary education.
    • Reviews of resources and websites to assist you in providing for your child's home learning.
    • Online tutoring and support if you want to receive this service.
    • Regular newsletter with activities and ideas to use when enjoying time with your child.
    • Webinars where you can voice any concerns you have and receive advice to help.